ELXSF - SIP Firewall

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  • SW10014
    • Supports up to 50 concurrent calls
    • Analyze SIP packets using the Snort based Real time Deep Packet inspection engine
    • SIP Protocol Anomaly, with configurable detection parameters.
    • Detection and Prevention of the following categories of SIP based Attacks:
    • Attacks Recognition (SIP Devices Fingerprinting, User enumeration, Password Cracking Attempt)
    • Dos/DDos Attacks
    • Cross Site Scripting based attacks
    • Buffer overflow attacks
    • SIP Anomaly based attacks
    • 3rd Party vendor vulnerabilities
    • Toll Fraud detection and prevention
    • Protection against VOIP Spam & War Dialing
    • Attack response includes the option for quietly dropping malicious SIP packets to help prevent continued attacks
    • Dynamic Blacklist Update service for VOIP, SIP PBX/Gateway Threats
    • Configurability of Blacklist/Whitelist/Firewall rules
    • Support for Geo Location based blocking
    • Provides the option to secure against PBX Application vulnerabilities
    • Operates as a Layer 2 device thus transparent to existing IP infrastructure – no changes required to add the device to your existing network
    • Web/SSL based Device Management Access which will allow to manage the device anywhere from the Cloud
    • Ability to restrict the device management access to specific IP/Network
    • Provide System Status/Security events logging option to remote syslog server
    • Provides the SIP throughput upto ~10Mbps
What is Elastix SIP Firewall? Elastix SIP Firewall is a frontier device, designed to be... more
Product information "ELXSF - SIP Firewall"

What is Elastix SIP Firewall?

Elastix SIP Firewall is a frontier device, designed to be placed alongside a VoIP IP PBX in order to add an additional security layer.

How does it work?

It blocks specific IPs or countries, protecting your PBX against potential intruders trying to get in with usernames and passwords. It even prevents DoS (Denial of Service) attacks.


How does Elastix SIP Firewall meet these objectives?

By using a real-time packet-inspection engine based on SNORT, the SIP Firewall analyzes each SIP packet going into the system, identifying those who look malicious or abnormal, and blocking their source IP address.