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  • SW10082
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This bundle includes key add-on modules that Sangoma recommend for every system:... more
Product information "Sangoma FreePBX Starterbundle"

This bundle includes key add-on modules that Sangoma recommend for every system:

  • SysAdmin Pro- a power tool for administrators, allows complete system update management directly from the FreePBX GUI as well as management and configuration of system tools such as: intrusion detection, DDNS, DNS, email setup, FTP, abnormal call volume notification, network settings, DHCP server, PNP, port management, power options, storage notifications, time zones, UPS and VPN to FreePBX Support. 
  • Extension Routing allows you to easily and visually control which extensions are allowed to use specific outbound routes.  
  • Conference Proallows end users to manage conference room settings from the user control panel
  • Fax Pro - allow users to send outbound faxing through a web interface on your FreePBX system.  Simply type the fax number and upload a pdf
  • Paging Pro - includes outbound Notifications, Valet-Style (Airport-Style) Paging, Prepend Recording, and Scheduled Pages
  • Park Pro - add multiple parking lots within FreePBX