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Simple integration of a Vega Gateway and a complete system exchange is eliminated... more
Product information "VEGA-60G-04BRI"

Simple integration of a Vega Gateway and a complete system exchange is eliminated

Take advantage of the latest VoIP technology and benefit from far-reaching benefits, such as lower telephone and transition costs, thanks to the seamless integration of your existing systems with a Sangoma Vega 60G Media Gateway.

Integration of analog or BRI systems to VoIP

The Vega 60G Media Gateway simplifies the integration of analog telephone systems or Basic Rate ISDN systems (BRI) into a VoIP network. In this version it supports up to 8 analog ports or up to 4 BRI lines.

Vega Gateways are the toughest gateways in their class

They provide automatic call forwarding to SIP as well as PSTN failure protection in case of critical system failures and maintain internal telephone connectivity. All functions are available for all Vega gateways. There are no hidden costs for transcoding functions, VoIP / PSTN ports or failover capabilities.

Local Survivability: Enhanced Network Proxy

This option enables continuity of service during WAN/SIP outages and may be configured to operate in a number of ways including:
  • Standalone proxy
  • IP device survivability
  • IP device call routing
  • Emergency call routing

Open, Non-Proprietary Interfaces

The Vega 60G Supports SIP and T.38 Fax Vega 60G media gateways support ETSI BRI and standard analog loop start signaling. It can be configured for different country requirements, such as tones and line impedance.
All Vega gateways have proven interoperability with a wide range of existing telecommunications and VoIP equipment.
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