More self-responsibility for your end users

Your end user manages his own communication - your admin can relax.

Reduce support calls in your IT department through Sangoma PBX end-point management and prevent access to areas where anyone without enough knowledge can do harm. Sangoma solutions offer the following features:

UCP - the user control panel offers each extension (or each user) the option ...

  • to make your own settings,
  • to view call flows,
  • to retrieve voice mails,
  • to view conferences,
  • to set attendance times,
  • Single-Sign-On - Registration via AD (Active Directory)

Phone Apps - Free included with the purchase of Sangoma IP phones

Control complicated functions directly from the phone. The intelligence of the Phone Apps is located on your Sangoma PBX - so your IP phone is unexpected, no information on forwarding, etc. lost. Your end users no longer have to remember annoying feature codes and can take their own responsibility.

If needed, the Sangoma Phone apps are also available on third-party IP phones. We will gladly send you a list of the compatible manufacturers.

What exactly are the Sangoma Phone Apps offering?

a) Call Control

  • Do not Disturb (DND): So the possibility to pause your phone and take a break
  • Visual Voicemail: see on your display who called when, left a message and forward them if necessary
  • Follow Me (server-side execution)
  • Presence: Present times so that your callers are always informed when they are available
  • Parking: Your conversation partner is waiting while you may ask questions to other departments
  • Call Forward: call forwarding manually or automatically
  • Contacts: Management of the data of your telephone contacts (names, numbers, ...)
  • Conference Rooms: View and participate in conferences

b) Hot desking

Working flexibly with your own login / password where and whenever. Integrate your external staff quickly into your organization. As soon as someone logs in to a location, it will be automatically logged out on phones with an existing login.

c) PBX Control

Depending on the authorization status and the will of your administrator, your end user can make the necessary changes directly on your telephone system:

  • Call Flow Control: View, activate / deactivate call flows
  • Queues: View queue information such as waiting call participants, waiting time, status
  • Queue Agents: this allows each individual (call center) employee to view the queues for which he / she is authorized to mount, and to change presence times as needed
  • Time Conditions (business hours module): Temporarily / permanently adjust standard opening times

ZULU soft client

The popular soft client will soon be available as a smartphone app. Already in March 2018 we can look forward to it.

Use your UCP or AD-Login for the ZULU Softclient and send SMS or faxes, check your attendance times or make a simple call-to-call call.

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