Sangoma's unprecedented rise

By 2010, Sangoma Technologies was known as THE leading player in the North American telephony card market. We're not talking about SIM or phone cards for your own mobile, but about award-winning analog, E1 and T1 and BRI calling cards (or PSTN cards) - the world's leading PBX, IVR and call center applications. So, if you're looking for and looking for the industry's most scalable and reliable voice and WAN interface cards, then Sangoma is the place for you.

Developments in telecommunications in 2011 led Sangoma to broaden its product range to include Enterprise Gateways by acquiring VEGA and, from that point on, to provide companies with an easy way to make their existing systems Voice-over-IP ready.

Through another acquisition - in this case the open source FreePBX founder Schmooze Com. Inc. - entered the world of telephony software in 2015. The worldwide FreePBX is a web-based GUI (graphical user interface), which manages Asterisk (PBX - the well-known Open Source Communication Server). Finally, Sangoma also developed a commercial solution to the FreePBX - the PBXact, which is based on the same code base, while providing more functionality, higher quality standards, version controls, maintenance schedules, and more. offers.

To expand the telephony hardware offering, Sangoma developed its own IP phones between 2015 and 2016. There is now a whole series of them - including a cordless DECT phone.

Off to the cloud! In addition to the classic telephone system, Sangoma built a cloud offering in 2016. As of now, SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX solutions could be offered in a variety of sizes in North America. These services are gradually expanding around the world.

Sangoma has always evolved and reinvented itself in the best sense. Through smart acquisitions and self-development, we can now access a complete Unified Communication solution in 2018, which benefits every day from further developments. Because Sangoma does not stop and therefore not its broad customer base.

Further development is probably Sangomas 2. Credo - after everything connects.

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