Sangomas IP phones - also something for softies!

A complete product family

While Sangoma IP Phones are tailored for Sangoma PBXs, they are almost as in perfect harmony with other systems.


  • fast setup with Zero Touch Provisioning Tools
  • PhoneApps for improved productivity in the workplace

Anyone who wants to have an IP phone standing on his desk searches the desired model in the s series of Sangoma:

  • s205 - the entry-level model (1 SIP account, 2x10 / 100 Mbps LAN ports, LCD)
  • s300 (2 SIP accounts, 2x10 / 100 Mbps LAN ports, backlit LCD)
  • s400 / s405 (3 SIP accounts, 2x10-100 Mbps / 2x1Gb LAN ports, 6 programmable keys, Phone APPs, Backlit LCD, Power over Ethernet)
  • s500 (4 SIP accounts, 2x10 / 100/1000 Mbps, 8 programmable keys, Phone APPs, 3.5 "Color LCD, Power over Ethernet)
  • s705 (6 SIP accounts, 2x10 / 100/1000 Mbps, 10 programmable keys, Phone APPs, 4.3 "Color LCD, Power over Ethernet)
  • DC201 DECT cordless phone (up to 20 handsets / 5 calls, 1x10 / 100 Mbps base station, 1.44 Color TFT, Power over Ethernet)

The choice for softies

If you work in different places, you may prefer the softer version and prefer Sangoma's Zulu UC softphone - the ultimate desktop integration.

Features of Zulu UC:

  • Click-to-call (call with mouse click)
  • Fax
  • ScreenPop for CRM
  • Office hours
  • SMS
  • Chat

Incidentally, who equips with Sangoma IP phones and a Sangoma PBXact benefits from:

  • Zero Touch Provisioning - automatic self-configuration using EndPoint Manager
  • Server-side extended Phone Apps
  • Unified Communication with Desktop and Mobile Client

We will gladly send you samples of the phones or present them to you on site. Contact us!

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