To be free or not to be free - that's the question

You need a telephony solution for your company that saves costs and connects your team in a highly functional way, which not only calls but interacts from different locations and via different end devices.

You are not interested in old ISDN, but modern voice-over-IP solutions that offer you the benefits of Internet telephony and a basis for unified communications.

A multitude of solutions are now covered:

  • On-site phone systems from different providers
  • Hosted SaaS solutions mostly from the same vendor
  • Cloud phone systems from countless providers more

Have you ever wondered what kind of software should be based on the solution you prefer? No? Understandable, because the majority of providers knows only their own, a software and you as a customer can only choose between the said classic on-site PBX and the new virtual possibilities.

You have another choice - open source

There is also open source telephony software - exactly: license-free. Already since 1999 Asterisk was developed. Never heard? No problem: Asterisk is an enormously extensive and widespread software - also in large corporations. For this software we offer an intuitive administration interface with FreePBX (already over 1 million productive systems in use). You can either install this software on your telephony server yourself or you can use phone systems that already come pre-installed with this software.

What features does FreePBX include?

So many that we can not list everything here. The highlights:

  • unlimited direct dialing
  • completely SIP based
  • Paging and intercom
  • Corporate Directory
  • unlimited IVRs (Interactive Voice Responds = computer-assisted speech dialogue)
  • Caller ID
  • Softphone support
  • Queue Music
  • Voicemail configuration
  • Voicemail 2 Email
  • automatic backup
  • Call Flow Control

All information about the FreePBX can be found in the following PDF download.

And whether you want to operate your FreePBX system on-site or in a virtual environment - you can now decide for yourself.

As you can see, your choices are almost unlimited.

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