Zulu 3 now public

... no, we do not mean the South African ethnic group and also not its medicine man, but

Sangomas WebRTC based desktop softphone plus mobile client

Sangomas Zulu UC is a unified communication software platform with features such as

  • Softphone
  • Chat
  • presence
  • and much more.

You can use the desktop client software on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Improvements in Zulu 3 UC

compared to the previous Zulu version 2 include:

  • a redesigned user interface,
  • increased reliability with WebRTC technology,
  • File transfer and
  • Screen sharing (still in beta).

Many more features are planned in upcoming releases, including

  • conference calls
  • fax
  • Office Integration
  • Video
  • and more.

The Zulu 3 desktop client has been in public beta in recent months and is now open to the general public.

Zulu 3 requires FreePBX or PBXact version 13 or higher. Some functions already require version 14.

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