Types of VoIP Gateways

Which type are you?

Voice-over-IP gateways are available in different versions. Depending on the application, one or the other model is used.

Which gateway fits your application?

Analog gateways

(also called ATA in German, which stands for analog phone adapter or SIP adapter)
An FXO Gateway connects an analogue telephone line (PSTN) to your VoIP PBX.
An FXS Gateway connects your conventional, non-IP-capable devices (phones, faxes, etc.) to your VoIP PBX.

Available models offer 2, 4, 8 or 24 ports configuration.

Digital gateways

Connect digital lines, ISDN BRI S0 or PRI / E1 lines to your VoIP phone system.

Available models offer

For ISDN BRI: configurable 1 to 8 ports, 2 to 16 calls
For PRI / E1: configurable 1-4 ports, 30 to 120 calls
The number of ports you need depends on the number of lines or devices you want to connect to the gateway.

Gateways for carriers

For telecommunications providers with high power requirements, there are own, more cost-intensive gateway series (for example, from the manufacturer Dialogic), which is out of the question for companies that only want to do their own telephony.

To learn more about VoIP Gateways - download the free media.tel white paper.


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