Why choose Sangoma IP Phones?

SIP phones that leave nothing to be desired.

In our blog post Sangomas IP phones - also something for softies! we have already briefly introduced the available models. Today we would like to inform you about what an IP telephone from Sangoma speaks for. Why specifically should you choose Sangoma IP Phones? Here are the key benefits:

  1. Zero-Touch Provisioning
  2. Sangomas Phone Apps
  3. Security through encryption: built-in VPN client

Zero-Touch Provisioning

If you have never heard the term before, here is a brief explanation: Provisioning is the system-technical provision of the IP telephone (initial configuration, connection to the infrastructure / telephone system). Zero-Touch means that this deployment is done automatically and without your intervention. In addition, necessary or desired firmware updates can be carried out.

The basis for this is provided by a database in Sangoma's cloud infrastructure, which connects the unique MAC address of your telephone with the specific IP address of your telephone system. Zero-Touch Provisioning functionality consists of an End Point Manager module (= Provisioning module of the FreePBX or PBXact) and Redirection Services.

How exactly does Zero-Touch Provisioning work?

  1. Your IP telephone is connected to the mains.
  2. Your DHCP server generates an IP address for your phone.
  3. Your phone automatically searches Sangoma's redirection server based on encrypted mechanisms.
  4. The Redirection Service responds (encrypted) and defines the location of the End Point Manager of your PBX.
  5. The phone now goes directly to the End Point Manager of your PBX and asks for the configuration and new firmware if necessary.
  6. The phone receives configuration and firmware files and is ready for use.

Sangomas Phone Apps

Created to make feature-rich office phone as easy to use and intuitive as possible. Using Sangoma's Phone Apps, complicated functions can be performed and controlled directly from your own phone. No annoying remembering of feature codes any more ("What was * 92 again?")!

You or your end users themselves decide which key on your phone for which app.

You can find more information about the Phone Apps in one of our recent blog posts.


Security for your employees in the home office with VPN

If you prefer to use your Sangoma IP phone from home or another location, you can make calls via the built-in VPN client without hesitation via the company's internal telephone system. A VPN encrypted tunnel between the VPN client of your telephone and the VPN server of your telephone system ensures the secure connection.


Not convinced yet? We are happy to show you the model series from Sangoma at your location. Contact us!


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